About Us

Four Pakistani sisters Samreen, Sana, Nazish and Fari born and raised in the Netherlands. We share the same passions and dreams and work hard to fulfill them. We have a big love for fashion, beauty, travel, life, designing and family. We started with Banarsi our fashion brand a few years ago, gave a few fashion shows, did many photoshoots, traveled to events, opened a showroom and own a webshop where we sell our items. Take a look on www.banarsi.nl

After creating different clothing lines, we decided it was time for taking it to the next level. Besides the clothing lines, it was time for a addition to our brand. It’s so much fun working together, so why not start something new like an online magazine? We took action and the website for the magazine was being developed. Bringing all of our ideas and creativity together, HouseofBanarsi was created. This magazine will highlight different subjects like fashion, beauty, travel, life and videos. We not only will focus on our lives, but also on yours. We want to create, inspire, give and most importantly of all we want to share all kinds of positivity with you. This magazine will include photoshoots, backstage shots, traveldiaries, streetstyle, social experiments, vlogs and so much more.

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