Let’s talk about Pakistan part 1


In the “Let’s talk about Pakistan” parts we will share everything Pakistani with you! Get to know the culture, the people, the places, the food and also the latest fashion trends. As Pakistanis we would like to share the many positive things of this beautiful country and show you what Pakistan is all about.

First a quick fun fact: Did you know that Pakistan is also an acronym? P is for Punjab, A is for Afghania, K is for Kashmir, S is for Sindh and the Tan stands for Balochistan. These letters together form Pakistan. An I was added in order to simplify the pronunciation.

In this article we will talk about the fashion in Pakistan. The traditional wear  in Pakistan is the Salwar Kameez.  It is a long shirt with pants used in all kind of fabrics mostly with some embroidery on it, or just a print. It also contains a dupatta (shawl). Pakistan has a very large fashion industry known for using many luxurious fabrics with all kind of embroidery on it. There are already many  talented fashion designers in the industry  and we can expect more upcoming fashion designers showcasing their versatile styles and designs. The Pakistani fashion industry is well known all over the world and is also getting bigger. We will update you about the latest fashion trends below and in upcoming articles!

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