“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.”—Farrah Gray

Why is having a dream important?
Dreams are what gives us the drive to get things done. When you finally reach your success, it is much more enjoyable knowing you got there by doing something you love. I know many people who have dreams and passions but don’t have a plan to pursue them or are afraid to take the first step. What will they do then? Coming back to the quote: they will work on someone else dream and forget their own. It is how the society works. A job is common to pay your bills, your food and for a vacation you want to go on. Of course we are thankful for the job we have because lately finding a job is getting more difficult. But are you totally happy and satisfied? Is this your ultimate life goal and dream? Who is benefiting from all your hard work? Do you get the appreciation you want? Are you growing? Is this job a challenge or are you waiting for your monthly salary. Ask yourself these questions especially the last one. For some, working hard is what they do to earn the money to use it in building up their dreams. You have to start somewhere. Of course you can be happy in your current position or job, but if you have your own dreams you should do everything to pursue it. It’s also obvious that you have to put a lot of effort in pursuing your dream but the company or the person you are working for now, also started somewhere. Some people don’t realize how much potential they have and this way waste their purpose. But the people who realize their purpose will do anything to achieve their goals and dreams in life, will eventually earn success and won’t be fulfilling someone else agenda.