Traveldiary 1: Kuwait


To travel is to take a journey into yourself. I totally think this is true. When I started to see other countries I began to realize why it is so amazing and important to see so many different places and cultures! When I travel I enjoy every little moment of the wonderful things happening around me. Last November I traveled with my mom, sister and her little daughter to Kuwait. We never went there before so we really were excited about it. My mother’s sister lives there with her family so it was even more fun to visit Kuwait.

Kuwait is a Arabic country in west Asia and it’s a small country. When we arrived we were really happy to see our family after many years. Driving on the way to my aunt’s house we noticed the beautiful big houses, many expensive cars and big buildings. If you are a shopaholic you definitely have to visit Kuwait. There are so many huge malls there with all the fashion and beauty stores you can imagine. We went to many malls like the 360 Mall, Marina Mall and the biggest and most mind-blowing of all: The Avenues Mall. The Marina Mall is really close to the Marina beach and is beyond beautiful and has an amazing view but the Avenues Mall is the one we can’t forget about. It is the biggest one in Kuwait city. It has more than 800 stores with different floors. You can find everything you desire. You can sit, relax, eat, go to the movies and of course shop till you drop. More things to see in Kuwait are the Kuwait towers, but unfortunately they were closed at that time, you can visit museums, the beaches with beautiful sunsets and the grand mosque which is a really big and beautiful mosque. We also visited souk al mubarakiya. That’s a market where you can eat, find groceries, fruit, jewelry, toys, clothes, bags etc. for reasonable prices. You can find all kind of restaurants in Kuwait. One restaurant called Freej Soeleh based in the city was decorated wonderfully. It’s like entering the old city of Kuwait. The food was delicious and so creative. One really creative food piece was a bowl of soup. The soup was not just soup in a regular bowl, but the soup was placed in bread which looked like a bowl. That was really impressive! Another place to visit in Kuwait is the scientific center which has a big aquarium, IMAX-theatre and a discovery place. The aquarium is full of all kinds of fish, sharks and corals. The designing is beautiful and it feels like walking underwater.

We recommend everyone to visit this beautiful emirate. Not only the malls were impressive, but we also loved the palm trees, the sea sides with beautiful sunsets and the impressive views. We also had an amazing time with our family who made this trip unforgettable!